Kittens Found in Dumpster, Rescued by Animal Services

City of Lubbock Animal Services and Lubbock Police responded to a call in the 2800 block of 33rd street Thursday morning. 

A man who was checking the dumpsters in the area opened a lid on one of the dumpsters and found five kittens stuck inside.

Animals Services said they are not sure if the kittens were dumped, although because of the size of the kittens, they may have gotten in on their own to find food, but then were unable to get themselves out.

Of the five, two were taken into custody by Animal Services, the other three got away before officers could take them to the shelter.  "He could be available for adoption, we're just watching him right now to make sure he passes temperament and health checks," said Jackie Stephens with Lubbock Animal Services.

Neighbor Dustin Hernandez lives on 33rd, and thinks the kittens were born in his backyard not long ago.  "There's a bunch of them around there, always," said Hernandez. "I'm sure they did just crawl in there, I've seen them walking around here before."

Stephens said she's seen a spike in the cat population recently and has advice for current cat owners, or even future cat owners.  "Especially if you're going to have an indoor/outdoor cat, spaying and neutering is the way to go to keep from repopulating," said Stephens.

The kittens will be held for a few days to see if an owner claims them.  If they are not claimed, they will be medically treated and put up for adoption.

For information on how to adopt animals through the Lubbock Animal Shelter, visit their website here.

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