KLBK Employees Perform Community Service For Nexstar "Day of Caring"

LUBBOCK, TX - KLBK's parent company, Nexstar Media celebrated it's 21st  annual "Day of Caring" where Nexstar stations across the country spend the day out in their communities performing different acts of community service. 

KLBK employees spent the day at Refuge Services, The South Plains Food Bank, Ventura Independent Living, Canyon Lake, and The Carver Early Learning Center.

Terri Furman spent her morning helping to clean out horse stalls over at The Refuge Services, a facility that provides therapy for veterans and other groups of people. 

"Doing a little bit of hard work is good for the soul, I think everybody should dig in the dirt ever so often, dig up some weeds whether its in your own yard or your neighbor or an elderly's yard," Furman said. "Helping our community is so important." 

KLBK General Manager, Cindy Gilstrap spent the day playing with the children over at The Carver Learning Center. 

"We are playing with the kiddos all day today we cleaned the playground earlier when it was still cooler we are with the one year olds right now, we were with the two year olds, and we are going to move on to the babies " Gilstrap said. 

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