Lake Alan Henry Safety Tips

Boating under the influence can result in severe consequences

Lake Alan Henry is a known attraction for boaters on the Fourth of July but the Lubbock Police Department wants to remind boaters to stay safe and sober this holiday.
“Really we're just here to help and to make sure everybody has a good weekend. It's funny, these times can be the very best of your lives and the best memories or they could be the worst where people fall off and drown and they get too intoxicated, or you grow old saying these were the best of my life and we want that,” Sergeant Jason Lewis with the Lubbock Police Department said.  
Lubbock Police work alongside Texas Game Wardens and the Garza County Sheriff's Office to patrol Lake Alan Henry. He said they all work together to help keep accidents and drunk boating to a minimum.
“You stand the chance of getting a BWI (boating while intoxicated) if you're moving a vessel over the legal limit, just like when you're operating a vehicle. Everybody comes down to the lake and they wanna have a good time and we want you to have a good time and we know people are going to consume alcohol and that's what we want, but you just have to do it responsibly,” Sergeant Lewis said.
LPD also wants boaters to come prepared to the lake, so everything can go smooth before, during and after they're on the water.
“Be prepared please. Before you take off from home think about everything you will need once you get down to the lake. Make sure your boat is full of gas, make sure you have proper safety equipment, and make sure your boat runs, especially if this is the first time you're taking it out this year,” said Sergeant Lewis.


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