Leach Terminated By Tech

Texas Tech University handed Mike Leach his walking orders Wednesday.

The university fired Leach right before court proceedings began Wednesday afternoon.

Leach's attorney, Ted Liggett, receiving the letter of termination in the Lubbock County Courthouse just before noon.

A hearing was set to take place on Leach's suspension at 10:00 a.m..

Leach was suspended on Monday after allegations that he mistreated player Adam James after James had received a concussion.

We now know, Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers and President Guy Bailey met with Leach last week.

The three men discussed the allegations and presented Leach with a letter outlining the university's concerns and listing conditions that Leach must agree to.

Leach, though, refused to sign that letter, dated December 23rd.

Liggett says Leach was not suprised to hear of his termination.

"We've been muzzled, but we've done so voluntarily through contracts that have been signed. But once the termination was complete, they'll be a lot to say. I think you'll be hearing a lot of things that will suprise you," Ted Liggett says.

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