Levelland Animal Shelter Gives Animals a Second Chance

Published 06/20 2014 03:09PM

Updated 06/20 2014 10:17PM

By Monica Yantosh

LEVELLAND, TX -- Volunteers and staff at the Levelland Animal Shelter have a program with about a 95% adoption rate, giving animals there a second chance with a forever family.

The shelter has cages for about 20 dogs at a time, and they also have a separate room for cats that come in.

Volunteers and staff can be found inside the shelter daily, some of them visiting almost everyday. They will walk the dogs, check up on all the animals, and also take pictures of each one as soon as they come in.

Those photos are posted on the internet on multiple sites, trying to get as much attention to the shelter and the available pets.  John Dupre is one of the volunteers, and he said originally, before turning to the internet, he used to take the pictures and post them on bulletin boards around Levelland.

That kind of attention is why so many animals get adopted from the shelter, according to the staff.

"I call it a God thing, because it is, it is," Shelter Warden Lori McInturff said. "It's like, I come in and there's nothing lined up for anybody to be adopted, and within a couple of hours, of calling, making those phone calls, you know, I've got, we've got rescues, that's what, that's what it's about."

McInturff said it's not just adoptions that help keep the dogs from staying in the shelter, but also foster families for the animals, as well as rescues who will take the dogs and put them into their systems as well.

Many of the volunteers have also been willing to meet up with families for the animals wherever necessary to help get them to their new homes. Fran Dupre said she and John drove to Fort Sumner in New Mexico to meet up with a family, and that another time, people drove from Utah to pick up a dog.

"We stand there crying, we're happy, you know, when we're able to find homes for the dogs, forever homes, for the dogs you know, it's just great," Fran said.

The walls inside the shelter are lined with photos of success stories, as well as information on how to foster.

This year, through May, the shelter has adopted out 109 dogs and 27 cats. This does not include any adoptions in June, as that number is still growing.

For more information on the Levelland Animal Shelter, you can visit their

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