LifeVest Saves Local Man

Mike Williams saved by LifeVest

LUBBOCK, TX - A man from Seagraves, Texas says he is only alive today because of a medical device that saved his life. Mike Williams says he was given The LifeVest by his cardiologist and says that it restarted his heart when he was heading to Lubbock for an appointment.


“I passed out and my heart went to an extremely fast beat. Then the machine shocked me. The LifeVest monitors your heart and it keeps up with it and records it,” said Williams.



Representatives from LifeVest said the machine is given to patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest and that it is a wearable defibrillator that needs to be worn under clothes and against the skin.



“It was worth the trouble to wear it. After I wore it for a couple of days I got used to it,” said Williams.



Williams’ wife, Debbie, was driving at the time when they were heading to the appointment. She said that the LifeVest was able to help when she couldn’t.



“We were so far out there was no way we could have gotten an ambulance there in time to save him. He passed out. Then the life vest told me it was going to give him a shock and for me to stand back,” said Debbie.



She followed the instructions and said by the time the ambulance got there Mike was back to normal.



“He was talking back like the way he was before and his heart was in a normal rhythm. The ambulance got there he was in a regular rhythm,” said Debbie.



Mike now has a permanent defibrillator placed in his chest and said he wants more people with his condition to look into getting this device.



“It saved my life and I have heard of several cases where it has saved others as well,” said Mike.


If you are interested for more information on the LifeVest you can visit

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