Liquor Violations on Tech Campus on the Rise

Published 10/09 2013 06:29PM

Updated 10/09 2013 06:36PM

"The more people we have the first time away from mom and dad, unfortunately the more violations we get called into us."

Liquor violations increased from just over 360 in 2011 to more than 500 in 2012.

Tech Police Captain, Stephen Hinkle, says it's because there's more students on campus.

"Over the last several years our student population has increased," said Hinkle. "We have a new dorm on campus that sleeps approximately 500 new students, so definitely with the increase of population on campus, more students living here now, that's led to the increase."

When an offender is caught or reported they can be charged with anything from minor in possession, to DWI.

"Normally when it's officer initiated, which means the officer finds them, it's normally during a large event like a sporting event, a concert," said Hinkle. "We'll get a large group during those events."

Many students caught breaking the law are just 18 or 19 years old, as it's mostly freshmen living on campus. A time when many of them, Hinkle says, are binge drinking.

"When we get called over for public intoxication on them, those are the ones that normally end up going to the hospital because they drink so much."

Hinkle says that if students are going to drink they need to be safe about it.

"We recommend that they drink in moderation and they always have a designated driver."

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