LISD Emphasizes Importance of AEDs on School Campuses

Published 04/08 2014 05:57PM

Updated 04/08 2014 06:18PM

By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- A recent scare at a Lubbock elementary school has emphasized the importance of having defibrillators on campus.

LISD's Student Health Services Micki Oates says having an AED (automated external defibrillator) accessible and a trained emergency response team on campus helped save a grandparent's life.

"We recently had a situation on an elementary school campus where a grandparent collapsed," said Oates. "Team members were present at that time and they did exactly as they were trained. Within a minute that AED was on this grandparent and the AED told the team members exactly what to do, 911 was called."

Oates showed us the training that their emergency response teams go through with defibrillators and CPR.

UMC EMS Training Chief Chad Curry says while EMS response time in Lubbock is fast, starting defibrillation immediately can make a huge difference.

"We had an instance a few weeks ago where the patient was defibrillated before we got there and it actually saved the patients life," he said.

Texas schools are required by law to have AEDs, but Curry says every business and church should have them as well.

"Its very important. What we've learned over the years in training is that you need to be defibrillated very quickly, if your heart is in an irregular rythym or a lethal rythym that could kill you. The only fix to that is defibrillation very quickly along with good CPR," said Curry.

LISD says they have at least one AED on every campus and on the larger campuses they have as many as five. The district also has defibrillators and staff trained to use them at all their athletic events, that's also required by law.

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