Local Church Talks Advertising with School After Jesus Tattoo Lawsuit Filed

Published 01/29 2014 07:21PM

Updated 01/29 2014 10:17PM

By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- After the lawsuit was filed Tuesday against Lubbock ISD by those behind the JesusTattoo.org advertisement, one church that advertises with Lubbock ISD talks about how advertising with schools has gone for them.

lawsuit said JesusTattoo.Org wanted to have an advertisement on the jumbo-tron at Lowrey Field, which it says was denied because of it's religious content. The lawsuit also goes on to then list other organizations which advertise with LUbbock ISD, including some that are religious organizations.

Bethany Baptist Church has a sign on the fence at Monterey High School with their logo and address.

Dusty Brian, Associate Pastor at Bethany Baptist, said they not only advertise with LISD, but they've also advertised with other school districts in the past, and have not had any problems.

He was, however, curious when he first heard about the lawsuit.

"It was, just I guess, just kind of a 'what's going on here, what's all the issue,?" so, but I do think there's still details to come out," Brian said.

"We've done the same thing with Cooper in the past, just kind of getting our church name out there, letting the students know, 'Hey, we're behind you, we support you,' and the same with the school districts. So it hasn't been a problem in the past, we haven't run into any issues whatsoever," Brian said.

"It's just kind of been, like, a church logo, church information, that kind of thing, so, but there hasn't been really any questions about, 'Hey, what are you going to put on here?" Brian said.

Brian said he will be watching this lawsuit to see what happens. "I could understand the tattoo issue, I mean I certainly understand where you'd be coming from," Brian said about JesusTattoo.org first being told the ad was not allowed because of a policy on tattoos. "And if you have policies for that, well then, it's not even an issue. But if you are starting to come from the religious side of things, you know, it's either kind of one of those are of none, you know. We would certainly be on the side of religious freedom."

Local attorney David Guinn read over the lawsuit for KLBK, and said barring all ads that are related to religion could be one potential way for LISD to handle the issue
"There are a lot of competing interests here, advertising space, freedom of religion, free exercise, what are the rules will, then LISD be in a position where, 'Fine, then we won't have any religious advertising' so they don't have to worry about favoring one in one place and not the other," Guinn said.

Lubbock ISD released a statement Tuesday about the lawsuit:

"Lubbock ISD has not received any official notification of a lawsuit, nor has the district been served. However, we understand a press release has been sent by the plaintiff’s out-of-state attorneys to the local media. We cannot comment on potential pending litigation, but we would always prefer to spend tax dollars in classrooms rather than courtrooms.”

Berhl Robertson, Jr., Ed.D.


JesusTattoo.org is asking for an injunction for LISD to allow them to show their ads.

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