Local Emergency Rooms Encouraging Flu Shot Before Potential Outbreak

LUBBOCK, TX - According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-- this year's flu season has been projected to be worse than last years. Local emergency rooms report that they have slowly had Lubbock patients trickling in with flu symptoms.

Last week nearly 300 people in Cleveland, Ohio were hospitalized for flu symptoms. Dr. John Turner with West Texas emergency room said every year the flu will make it's way from other countries and creep into the United States. He said a lot of times people won't get treated until after they realize they have it.

"They show up on day 3 or 4 and then when we make the diagnosis and then its kind of too late for the tamiflu to benefit them." said Turner. 

Turner said the number one preventive measure to take against catching it is getting the flu shot--yet there are still people who aren't comfortable with getting one. Although, he said if you are one of the people who is against getting one, you are still protected by the people who do choose to get one.

"You still get the benefit of herd immunity so even if you are one of these that don't believe in vaccines, and most of the majority of people do get the vaccine you will benefit from the vaccine whether you get it or not." said Turner. 

Emergency rooms are encouraging Lubbock citizens to get in contact with local pharmacies and stores that are still offering the shot. 


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