Local Family Back Home After Being Just Down The Strip From Shooting

They were on lock down Bellagio for several hours

LUBBOCK, TX - A local family is happy to be home after their weekend trip to Las Vegas to celebrate  the 21st birthday of their twin daughter.

"About that time you can hear the gun shots going off. Then you hear it again in just a little bit of time, hes reloading and its echoing off the buildings coming down the street," Jeff Krueger, the dad of the daughter's said. 

The family stayed at the Bellagio Hotel, which is right down the Strip from Mandalay Bay. Krueger said once they heard the gun shots from up the street, people ran into their hotel into mass panic.

"We get to the room and there were 3,000 people in the room. I stopped and thought this isn't a good idea. In the Columbine shooting in Colorado, the shooter went to where everyone was," Krueger said.

They found an empty small kitchen area to hide in for a little over an hour. Once they returned to their rooms they were on lock down until 6 a.m..

"The catering cart we were trying to arrange around us to make it look like it was just stuff in there," Krueger said.

Krueger said they're praying for those other affected by the shooting and are just happy to be home safe.


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