Local Hairdresser Gives Free Haircuts to Cancer Patients

LUBBOCK, TX - A Lubbock hair stylist is standing out in the field because of the unique way she used her scissors and comb. That's because she's using them to give cancer patients a gift they say is changing their lives.

Jo Ann Martinez has been a hairdresser for almost 30 years. She works at the Casa Capelli Salon. But on her days off, she heads to Covenant hospital where she cuts cancer patient's hair.

"If I can do it, I'm there, you can't waste a gift or talent that God's given you," Martinez said.

She's given more than 100 haircuts to patients and said that one snip of her scissors can change someones entire day.

"She looked sick but at the end she was smiling and joking," Martinez said. "I heard her grandson say 'Grandma, you got your smile back.'"

One of the first haircuts she did was for a teen battling cancer. After Martinez highlighted and styled the patient's hair, Martinez said she could feel her attitude change.

"When I went in she looked deathly ill and she hadn't walked in the longest time, she got out of the bed walked to the mirror and had this huge smile on her face and came and hugged me," Martinez said. "Rest in peace Brianna, that's what pushed me."

Giving cuts is now the way Martinez is giving back.

"They bring me happiness when I'm feeling down. They really do, it's really rewarding," she said. 





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