Local Package Pirate Caught On Camera

Front porch surveillance camera caught the whole theft on video

LUBBOCK, TX - A local man is looking for the publics help to identify a woman and two other suspects who stole packages off his front porch.

"She knocked on the door for a good ten minutes to make sure no one was home and someone was down the street just waiting. Once they realized no one was there they backed up the car and threw the package it in and took off," Cody Goodrich, the Owner of the packages said. 

The video shows a blonde haired woman walk up to the front porch and knocked. After several minutes of knocking a red sedan pulled up. The woman then grabbed the large package and threw it into the back of the car.

"Sure enough, two minutes later, I see someone up there taking them. It's aggravating to know that you can't order anything or trust your community to not take it off your porch," Goodrich said.

Goodrich contacted police and if you recognize the woman or car in the video your encouraged to contact them.


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