Local Technicians Swamped with Calls from Freezing Weather Damage

LUBBOCK, TX - Freezing temperatures are forecasted across the South Plains until Saturday, putting a house at greater risk from weather damage. 

Frozen pipes have already claimed several homes in town over the last four days. Local restorations companies told EverythingLubbock.com they have been swamped with calls about damage.

"It started Saturday morning," Joedy Rushing said. "Phones started ringing off the wall, people with questions on how they get the water restored to their house because it's frozen."

Rushing is one of the owners of Joe Rushing Plumbing. He spent Tuesday making back-to-back house calls for broken pipes. 

"We have a lot of guys but just too many of them, we can't get there quick enough," Rushing said. 

He strongly recommends homeowners to prepare their piping systems by securing pipe insulation and covering them from the cold.

"Covering your outside faucets, they freeze and once they freeze the ice slowly penetrates into the pipes in the wall, then it can split," Rushing said. 

He also said a common mistake is not checking the water softener loop lines.

"Where they line then around the house and penetrate through the wall and not insulated," Rushing said. 

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