Locals Join Together to Help Harvey Victims

Locals Join Together to Help Harvey Victims

LUBBOCK, TX - In a matter of hours Lubbock Volunteers had a room completely full of donations to send to Houston.

Mark Murray, Lubbock Resident, said,  "We are collecting goods for Harvey.  We're going to go down to the coast tomorrow. It really was just a grass roots movement, put up a Facebook, hoping a couple shares and a few donations and it's turned into a rather large organization."

Murray is not the only one going out of his way to lend a helping hand.

Marco Ramirez, Local Volunteer,  told us, "We've got a team of about nine to ten people who have literally dropped everything to take off with us to go help out in the Houston area."

Another team will begin their journey to the coast on Saturday sending supplies from the South Plains.

Pedro Rodriguez, Local Volunteer, explained,  "I was looking at radar and I was like man I need to do something. I posted it and before I knew it other people were tagging me  on with other people that are willing to help on their page."

Francis Rivera, Local Volunteer, also explained, "I just kind of want to show that in a time of need like right now, with the crisis going on in Houston.  It's not about the color or the religion or the race, it's about coming together in love and helping one another out."

While they have the means to get to Houston they need your help in filling up their trucks and trailers with supplies.

Rivera elaborated,  "If you have donations, you know really what we're looking for water, socks, everybody needs socks, blankets, food, can goods to really donate."

Murray also elaborated,  "We're trying to be vessels by going down to help, you can be a vessel by just doing a donation whether it be water packs or survival packs.  You can still be down there with us and have your presence be known if we'd all come together and help out."

For more information on drop off locations and how you can help you can go to www.gofundme.com/3av25h-harvey-relief

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