LPD Reports Nine Homicides in 2016

A look at deaths investigated in 2016

Lubbock, TX - The Lubbock Police Department reported nine homicides in 2016. One was ruled an accident, one has been listed as self-defense and one death was an old case. 

Lieutenant John Hayes said the yearly average is closer to 18 cases. 

"Fortunately this has been a pretty low number," Lt. Hayes said. "Things have been relatively good this year."

Hayes also said most of the first homicides of the year happen on New Years.

In 2016, Lubbock's first homicide happened on January 14 at Mesquites on Broadway. John Allen, 20, stabbed and killed Texas Tech student Zachary Kafer, 20. Allen was arrested. Click here to read more about this case.

Three days later Quaylon Williams,18, turned himself into Lubbock police after he got in an argument with his cousin Devon Holland,18. During the argument, police said both men fought over a gun and Holland was shot and killed. Tuesday a Lubbock grand jury indicted Williams for murder. Click here to read more about this case. 

On February 7th, Lubbock police said Pete Garcia Jr. shot and killed his ex-wife's boyfriend, Orestis Garza, 31, outside St. Elizabeth's church. Garcia Jr. was arrested by Lubbock police. Click here to read more about this case. 

Julian Rosales,5, was killed on February 16th when the gun his father was cleaning accidentally discharged. The case was ruled an accident and was no billed by the Lubbock grand jury. Click here to read more about this case. 

It was more than six months before Lubbock would have another homicide. 

On August 18th, Lubbock police started looking for a missing woman Linda Gail Wilhite,65. Her son, Cody Klimer,46, was arrested a few days later for her murder. Linda's body has not been recovered. Click here to read more about this story.

There were two deaths on September 6th. The first victim was Preston Prado,18. LPD said Prado broke into a home on 32nd street, near University. Prado was shot and killed by the homeowner. Lubbock police are still investigating. Click here to read more about this story. 

Later that evening LPD discovered Conrado Sarata,79, dead in his home on Avenue P. LPD said they have no suspects in the case, although they have sent some evidence to a Department of Public Safety lab for testing. Click here to read more about this story. 

On Thanksgiving Day, Jimmy Nguyen, 27, broke into the home of veteran Jimmy Wiedeman. Nguyen attacked Wiedeman; he was stabbed several times and part of his ear was bitten off. Wiedeman fought back and stabbed and killed Nguyen. LPD said the case will go to the grand jury for due process but they do not expect any charges to be filed. Click here to read more about this story.

The final case of the year is an old LPD case. They said a woman was originally attacked in 1989. The man responsible for the assault was arrested and charged for the crime. He should be released from jail in 2019. The homicide counts for this year because the woman recently died from injuries sustained in the assault.

Lt. Hayes said LPD's homicide team still stayed busy besides the low numbers.

"We've still had enough homicide call outs to where the injuries are severe," Lt. Hayes said.  "But fortunately the victims have managed to pull through and they didn't end up being homicides."
If you have any information on any of these cases, call Crimeline at (806)741-1000. 


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