LP&L: Will Not Rest Until Power Restored

June 6, 2013   8:31PM (CST)

Important Statement from Lubbock Power & Light

LUBBOCK, Texas - LP&L is confident that the majority of outages will be fixed tonight, but cannot in good faith provide you with one hundred percent certainty that all power to all individual customers will be restored before early morning.  Our crews will continue to work at full force through the night and into the morning to bring the power back on to all customers; however the damage to some areas of the city's electrical infrastructure is severe, requiring substantial construction repairs.

No level of explanation of the complications facing the crews in the field right now can make up for the supreme discomfort of being without electric service.  LP&L crews have made large strides, and will continue to work as fast as possible to achieve full restoration. Our crews will not rest until city's power infrastructure that was so badly damaged by the major storm of last night is fully restored and all customers still being impacted by the storm's effects see a welcomed return to normalcy.

LP&L, along with our partners in City Emergency Management, continue to urge all customers regardless of the status of their electricity to exercise extreme caution around any electrical generators being used and power lines.  Good common sense and respect for the potential danger posed by this equipment is of vital importance.  LP&L and city leaders will continue to keep you informed of important information as situation progresses.

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