Lubbock Ballerina Recieves Scholarship to New York School of American Ballet

Published 09/10 2013 05:47PM

Updated 09/10 2013 06:13PM

Barbara Ruth Vinson is much like any girl her age.

At 14, she just got braces, and has just started high school.

Only instead of going to Lubbock High School like she had originally planned, she's attending the New York School of American Ballet.
"We wanted her to have poise and grace and maybe be a little more graceful than her mother," said Laura Vinson, Barbara Ruth's mom. "we thought we'd give it a try for as long as she was interested and she's still interested."

That interest became a solid commitment in the 5th grade.

"I did soccer and ballet when I was little and at one point I had to choose which one I wanted to do and I chose ballet and it was completely the right decision and I've just loved it since then," said Barbara Ruth.

While Barbara Ruth has an obvious natural talent, she says she says she loves the dedication that ballet takes.

"I think part of the joy I get from ballet is working so hard doing it and always getting better and improving."

Laura Vinson said Barbara will continue her school work at a special school for performing arts children.

Barbara Ruth has a scholarship for the American Ballet School's winter semester, and said she doesn't know if she'll stay longer or come back to Lubbock, but is sure of one thing.

"My dream has always been to be a principle dancer in the New York City Ballet and I'm still going for that dream."

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