Lubbock Cotton Farmers Worry about Farm Bill 2018

LUBBOCK, TX - Cotton farmers are worried about how Farm Bill 2018 could affect their farms. The bill is currently being discussed in the House and Senate Agriculture Committees. 

Lubbock cotton farmers are hoping to see some changes in the newest version of the bill. 

"We'd really like cotton to be included in the farm bill again. This last one, it got kicked out, kicked to the curb, not even covered," said cotton farmer Steven Brosch. "We'd like to be included in there so we can get a little bit of cushion. Corn guys, soybeans, they'll get a payment based off of market values and cotton doesn't get any of that."

Currently, cotton farmers aren't guaranteed price protection if the prices of cotton drop dramatically. Cotton farmers were taken out of the farm bill in 2014. This makes it hard for farmers to predict their profits.  

"So when we see very low prices and when they decrease for an amount of time, due to various amount of reasons, it would afford us to still have a way to cash flow in the event we experience low price decline," said Cody Bessent with the Plains Cotton Growers. 

Cotton farmers are advocating for the continued support of crop insurance. Farmers say this is necessary to protect their crops and themselves in the case of weather problems such as hail or lack of rain. 

"It's subsidized, that is good, there's been a lot of talk about taking it out," said Brosch. "If that gets taken out, I don't know what's going to happen."

Crop insurance is what's helping farmers like Brosch with the recent hail damage that happened in early July. Brosch said his entire field was wiped out. 

"There's spots, it covered a large area, some areas are terrible, like you can see here it wiped it out," said Brosch. "Other spots got hurt pretty bad. It's going to effect the final yield."


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