Lubbock Economy Benefits from Tech Football

 No one can dispute that during his tenure here at Texas Tech Mike Leach helped bring big money to the university bu the school isn't the only one benefitting from the Red Raiders success.  The coach made pirates a common sight in lubbock.

"They were very popular. People really got on his bandwagon, so to speak. And that was his thing, that was his theme. He loved it, so did a lot of the tech fans, too," says Bill Hayes, owner of A-1 Flags Over Lubbock. 

After the firing of Leach, Hayes says he's almost sold out of his pirate flags.

"About the time everything went down, it kinda went crazy around here."

But not everyone has continued to purchase Texas Tech items.

"I'll still support them, I'm just not going to go out and buy more stuff," says Tech supporter Brandon Mitchell.

Local retailers though are hoping that the firing of Leach doesn't equal a loss in their income.

"I think things will die down, and it'll go back to where it was before. Folks always get over pain. You go through your emotional stages and then you come out on top somehow. So, they get over it. They'll be supporting Tech like they really should," says Hayes. 

Now their really isn't anyway for us to tell just how much the firing of leach will effect the Lubbock economy till football kicks off next season, but what we do know, at least for now...Is that many fans wish the pirate was still at the helm.

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