Lubbock Family: "Drunk Driver vs Tree, Tree Won"

Tree Saves Local Residents from Drunk Driver in South Lubbock

A Lubbock couple left to pick up the pieces after they said a drunk driver smashed into their property.

"It just breaks my heart to think of what has happened to some people," Homeowner Karen Staton said. 

Since the accident, Karen and her husband Bill have made it their mission to spread awareness on drunk driving by making a sign stating,"Drunk Driver vs Tree, Tree Won."

"You can still see the marks on the ground where they jumped the curb and drove up," Karen said. "They either had to be drunk or distracted in some way."

Neighbors in the area described the sound as gun shots when the car hit the Staton's tree just before 4:30 a.m. Sunday. Karen found the aftermath later that morning. 

"I walked out, I took one look at the tree and then I saw the debris from the car and I ran back into the house and told my husband, 'You've got to get out here somebody wrecked their car on our tree,'" Karen said. 

She said the driver fled the scene, and they have since filed a police report on this wreck. 

"But I also hope he learned a lesson and he'll think about this because he got off lucky hitting this tree," Karen said. "There are so many small kids in this neighborhood. Sometimes people drink and wake up the next morning and have no recollection of what they've done."

The Staton's have a message for anyone thinking about drinking and driving. 

"If you want to have a good time, have a good time," Karen said. "But do it in moderation because you can hurt other people and you can change their lives and destroy their lives and no one has the right to do that to another person, especially for such a frivolous reason."

Anyone with information on this case is urged to contact the Lubbock Police Department. 

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