Lubbock Family Mourns Uncle After Killed in Church Shooting

LUBBOCK, TX - Jason Werner asked for the community's support as his family mourns the loss of their uncle while facing months in the hospital for injured family members after the Sutherlands Baptist Church shooting.

"Even through this tragedy, a lot of us including our family we're looking to the Lord and that's pretty much all you can do in a situation like this," Werner said. 

Werner said he grew up in the San Antonio area, with family who still attend Sutherlands Baptist Church. He received a phone call Sunday night that three of his family members were victims fo the mass shooting. 

Werner's Uncle, who just beat cancer in recent years, was killed by the gunman Sunday. His aunt and their granddaughter were injured as well. 

"He ultimately sacrificed himself to ensure that his wife, my aunt, and his little granddaughter made it through and by the grace of God they did," Werner said. 

He described is uncle as a hero after sacrificing his own life to protect his wife and granddaughter in the shooting. 

"If it wasn't for him doing that then there's a very high probability that we wouldn't have other family members here," Werner said. 

"My aunt, she's still in the hospital and she's stable," Werner added. "My little cousin, she's six years old, she's still in the hospital. It's going to be a very, very, very long rode ahead of her. Fortunately they are with us. My other cousin was in there as well and he did get grazed, but by the grace of god he wasn't injured too bad."

With months of medical bills ahead, Werner said they're leaning on the community's help to get through this difficult time. 

"Just to see the outpour of love and support, from prayers and thoughts, from phone calls to donations it's just amazing to see," Werner said. 

He started a Go Fund Me page to raise money for his family in need. Anyone interested in helping this family can find the page here

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