Lubbock Family Welcomes Conjoined Twin Girls

Published 04/27 2014 09:24PM

Updated 04/27 2014 10:10PM

By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- Eric and Elysse Mata went in for an ultrasound at Covenant Hospital in January expecting to find out if they were having a boy or girl.

"The lady was looking and said hey there’s two heartbeats, so she went and called the doctor with a worried look on her face. She went and got the doctor and she told us you know there’s two heartbeats and they look to be conjoined," said Eric.

They found out they were having not one, but two babies who were conjoined. April 11th, the Matas say Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith were born at Texas Children's Hospital connected by their chests.

"They share the diaphragm and they share the liver and as far as they told us the liver can be split and regenerate which is the only organ that can do that they said," said Eric.

"They are doing really good they are really healthy, breathing relatively well," said Elysse. "They open their eyes and fight all the time they are definitely sisters." 

The Matas are originally from Lubbock, but had to travel to Houston for the birth and hospital stay. Eric and Elysse wanted to say a big thank you to his work, Zachry Industrial, for helping them through this time.  

They say the company helped Eric transfer to Houston. Other employees provided the family with a temporary living trailer and money for some of their expenses while away from home.

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