Lubbock Father Punches Window to Rescue Daughter From Hot Car

LUBBOCK, TX - A Lubbock couple taking desperate measures after their toddler got locked in the back seat of their car on Wednesday night.

"She was just drenched, this all happened within three minutes, she was drenched from head to toe and she was crying," Gutierrez said.

Gabriella Gutierrez said the auto-start on their car wasn't working, father Kendrick Williams was strapping their one year old in the back seat. While he set the keys down in the seat to put her in the car seat, he shut the door and the car automatically locked.

"We called OnStar and they told us our car was disabled, so they told us they would help us call 911," Gutierrez said.

The two were worried that the police wouldn't get there in time, so Kendrick Williams took matters into his own hands.

"I'm getting my daughter out of this car that was the only thing going through my head, my daughter will not die in this car," Williams said.

He grabbed a rock and started slamming it into the window and when he wasn't able to break the glass he began punching it with his hand.

"It slowly started to cave in," Williams said.

They managed to get their daughter out before it was too late, and Williams had to go to the hospital to get staples in his hand.

"I'm just so thankful we were able to get her out because I know so many children aren't always so lucky," Gutierrez


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