Lubbock Fire Rescue Dive Team Searches With Zero Visibility In Local Playa Lakes

The water is so murky the team has certain routines to follow to conduct search

The Lubbock Fire Department Dive Team assists in several different situation when bodies of water are involved.

"Everything we do in town is playa lakes. We do it by touch. We feel it around and in the mud and the rocks. We usually have an idea of what were looking for and were hoping for that item but if we find something suspicious we will mark it," Kasey Davis, with the Lubbock Fire Dive Team said.

Davis said most playa lakes in town range between 4-18 feet but no matter the depth the water is cloudy.

"There is zero visibility. So if you put your hand in front of your face you cant even see your hand. We cant use lights because it makes everything worse," Davis said.

The dive team does a test of the water before diving in. So if anyone gets sick they'll know what was in the water and how to treat that team member.

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