"Lubbock Helping Lubbock" Facebook Group Helps Families Stay Warm

LUBBOCK, TX - After experiencing record high temperatures over the weekend, the Hub City welcomed freezing temperatures on Monday. Some families were caught off guard when combating the cold, and had to reach out for help through the "Lubbock Helping Lubbock" Facebook page.

Created three years ago with more than 15,000 members, the page allows people to post on the wall asking for things they may need, or items they would like to share with others.

On Monday, member Amanda Rodriguez posted on the page asking for a space heater. Rodriguez said her home doesn't get heat, and she's been having to open her stove. 

"I had been waiting since I posted for somebody to get back to me and I just seen it on there, and I just got excited like we'll have some kind of heat for our children. I got really excited about it." Rodriguez said.

Page admin, Natalie Martinez said she is able to see how this page has provided aid for struggling families year round, regardless of the weather.

"Whether we are fixing to get 90 degree weather, or 30 degree weather, unexpected snow or rain," Martinez said. "No matter what, there is always such an outpour of help for people because our members don't want to see suffering."

To become a member  of "Lubbock Helping Lubbock" you have to send a request to the admin and have them accept you. Martinez said it's important to know that there is no buying or selling allowed on the site, and reading through the list of rules is very important.


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