Lubbock ISD Schools Getting Google Chromebooks For Their Classrooms

LUBBOCK, TX - After the passage of the Tax Ratification Election on August 30th, the Lubbock ISD school district will now annually receive $5.5 million dollars from the state.
These new dollars are available to Lubbock ISD without an increase to the tax rate. 
The district has decided to put the money to good use by purchasing Google Chromebook carts for LISD classes to have the option to work on their projects and assignments digitally.
Candace Tickle with LISD's Digital Learning Department said they are working to show teachers the different ways these computers can be an asset to their curriculum.
"They can use Google classroom which is a classroom management piece where students can log onto that and get all of their assignments," Tickle said, "The technology, the implementation of the chrome books, is enabling classes and the teachers, take them to places and do things they could not do before."
Students at Ramirez Elementary have been using the computers for the past week, Fifth Grader Hugo De Leon said they are going to be a huge help on their big IB project for the year.
"Right now I am currently working on IB expedition with my partners, and I am currently look at articles on poverty because that's what my group was assigned," De Leon said, "This is also good for communicating with them, also if we are unable to talk during research so everybody can focus, we can talk to each other by using this. "
On Thursday afternoon, Rush Elementary was also presented with Google Chrome carts. Other schools in the district will be getting on board as well. 

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