Lubbock Lawmakers Push for Statewide Expanded Ban on Synthetic Pot

Published 04/07 2014 02:46PM

Updated 04/09 2014 10:45AM

By Michaela MacDonald
LUBBOCK, TX -- Lubbock City Council is considering expanding the city ban on synthetic marijuana from nine prohibited substances to 39. reported Sunday that Mayor Pro Tem Karen Gibson will make a proposal at Thursday's meeting. 
Gibson said she and others have been in talks with State Representative Charles Perry, who filed a bill on expanding the statewide ban on synthetic pot last legislative session. The bill was not heard because of a filibuster on another issue.
"I had great support, like I said it came out of committee 9-0 and everybody expected it to just get passed, but because of politics on a different issue it just didn’t get through," said Perry.
Perry will be working with State Senator Huffman on a combined bill to file in the next legislative session in November. He says it is a comprehensive bill backed by chemical research that should end the loopholes stores are using to sell the products now.
"I think what I could tell last session it was such a new issue. I don’t think people were aware, but the minute they became aware they were very much engaged, so maybe they just didn’t have the awareness," Perry said. "Lubbock has just unfortunately became a poster child for this issue because we've had an awareness locally by some activists, parents that have dealt with this with their kids, so I would say yeah I think Lubbock is taking a lead on this," 

"I don't know of anyone who doesn't support me on this," said Gibson.
Gibson says they are also exploring other ways to fight the sale of this substance in Lubbock.
"It’s not just the compounds you can fight, you've got to look at other ways so we are working with the DA's office we are working with LPD. I work with LPD everyday on this stuff. We are working with local agencies, we are working with even some of the smoke shops that have taken it off their shelves just every way we can, every avenue we can to fight this," said Gibson.

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