Lubbock Momma Honors Baby with Generous Gift to New Moms

Giant Baby Baskets Filled with Love

LUBBOCK, TX - Madison Luscombe was excited to be a mom. Insider her tummy, a baby boy was growing. Then something went wrong. 

Madison's baby died on July 7th, just 17 weeks into her pregnancy.  Her due date was December 16th.

"You have the holiday season right now," Luscombe said. "And it's hard for women  who are going through this because they are like 'Well my baby should be here, whether it's 15 years ago or 5 months ago.'"
To cope with the loss of baby "peanut" Madison started a blog, Makingamomma.
"Anytime I just feel sad or like I don't know where to go," Luscombe said. "I just go straight to my blog."
The blog has allowed Luscombe to meet many other women who  have been in similar situations. She said it has helped her work through some emotions and raise awareness for a problem that affects 1 in 4 women. 
"There's nothing wrong with us," Luscombe said. "We lost a baby. We should talk about it. And we shouldn't be scared. And I think if more people talked about it, more people would realize that it is normal and that it happens all the time."
The blog also inspired Luscombe. When she said she wanted to honor peanut on his birthday, a friend suggested she make baskets and take them to a local hospital. 
Luscombe said she reached out to family and friends on Facebook and was overwhelmed by their response. 
"It was awesome," Luscombe said.  "It was really cool to have all those people want to help and 90% of them didn't even know who I was."
Two giant baskets full of clothes, toys, medical supplies and of course, diapers were built and taken to Covenant Children's Hospital on Thursday night. Luscombe instructed the nurses to hand the baskets out to the family of the first boy and first girl born on December 16th, peanut's birthday. 
On the basket Luscombe left a  note for the new mom. 
"I just shared my story," Luscombe said.  "And you know kind of told them that I was supposed to be in their shoes and I wasn't. But I told them I didn't want to focus on that and I wanted to congratulate them."
Luscombe said she wants to make the basket giveaway an annual tradition.
Luscombe was recently named to the board of Lubbock's Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness group
If you would like to visit Luscombe's blog, click here

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