Lubbock Music Legend: Don Caldwell

There's one man here in the Hub City who has been highly respected by the music community for many years, and that's Don Caldwell.

A well known name, Caldwell is a man who has dedicated his life to making music of his own but also providing West Texas musicians with an opportunity to grow and do it with pride. In 1971 he opened up up the Caldwell recording studio.

It was that studio that allowed all kinds of Lubbock artists an outlet to spread their talent. In 1993 he renovated the well known cactus theater, which acted as a big spring board to help launching Lubbock's entertainment district.

"There's just really something special about the way musicians deliver music here, the deal is you can't always determine what it is but you can nearly always spot a Lubbock player and someone who doesn't play from Lubbock." Caldwell said.

Caldwell also had a hand in organizing the first ever Fourth on Broadway event. A Fourth of July patriotic celebration starting back in 1991. An event that draws out thousands of people from all over the West Texas area.

"One year we had 40,000 people show up and now we're planning fourth on broadway 2017," Caldwell said. "How many things last that long?"

"We had over 40,000 people andn ow fourth on broadway... and now fourth on broadeay 2017.. how many things last that long its the music, its the energy its the talent of West Texas..



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