Lubbock Native Designs New City Flag

He proposes new design to several City Council Members

LUBBOCK, TX - The City of Lubbock is commonly referred to as the “Hub City” and many may not know the city has its own flag. The flag doesn't fly all across town but it does exist and now one man wants everyone in Lubbock to look up to a new flag's heritage with a fresh design.

“Lubbock has given me a lot, it would be nice to give something back. I felt like it being such a unique place it needed a unique symbol. Something the citizens could take pride in their history and a symbol to rally around,” Jared Stanley, the designer of the new flag said.

Stanley said he wanted to design a new flag to represent the people of the Hub City. He made the design elements based off of the history of the town.

“There are eight spokes representing the eight surrounding counties of Lubbock. Each stripe represents a different thing. The white stripe represents cotton which has historically been known as the city's main cash crop,” Stanley said.

Stanley said he has made the design public hoping the community and city council will get onboard with the new flag.

“I thought I needed to generate some traffic on it, so I started a Facebook page. I started a petition and if it could get enough signatures then I could take this back to city council and say 'hey there is some interest in this,'"Stanley said.

If you are interested interested in signing the petition you can visit the webpage at

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