Lubbock Residents Donate Supplies to Hurricane Harvey Relief

LUBBOCK, TX - In the wake of Hurricane Harvey's destruction, local businesses are coming together to send supplies to South Texas. For one Lubbock man, it hits close to home. 

Carter Airhart was in Refugio when Hurricane Harvey made landfall. He said they hunkered down and tried not to  pay attention to it. Airhart saw the damage of Harvey and wanted to help. 

"Just knowing the fact that everyone lost everything they had, and when you see that in person it is a sick feeling," Airhart said. 

In true Texas fashion, Airhart put on his boots and got to work. With the help of Cook's Garage, they are collecting as much supplies as they can and leaving for smaller towns on the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday morning. 

"We are really going to take everything," Airhart said. "Any tools that we can use to tear down and rebuild barns, carports and pick up the trash." 

They are also bringing supplies to take care of farmers and ranchers impacted by Harvey. Airhart said a lot of livestock animals lost their feed and shelter.

"When it comes to livestock we need hay, feed, shavings and anything you can think of that would be used on a day to day basis," Airhart said. 

He wants to make sure the people in the smaller towns are taken care of and help pick up the pieces that Harvey left behind. 

Donations can be made at Cook's Garage until 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning (August 30). Kalli Moore, General Manager for Cook's Garage, said they were more than happy to help with supply drop off. 

"We are Texans," Moore said. "Everybody is here to help every one. If we were ever in this situation we would hope someone would come and help us."

Airhart is taking a group of volunteers to the coast with the intention of helping to rebuild structures and help as many as he can. 

"I don't have an expiration date," Airhart said. "I'm just going to go, set up and we are going to work. It may take years, but the only way to get to the end is to start." 

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