Lubbock Was Heard In London with Excited Fans

Even though were in Lubbock, London could hear soccer fans in the Hub yelling, "USA, USA."

Not only do these girls say they live and breathe soccer, but today they learned more about the game they love.

"More stuff I could work on," said Lisa Castillo.

The Republic SC team said after watching the US Women's soccer team she knows she needs to communicate more with her teammates on the field.

"Watching them I really learned that I can push up a little more," said Landri Betts, "I tend to like to stay back, but I see them just dribble up and I just feel better about it."

            The girls have been waiting all day for the big game and watch party.

"These girls play soccer 24/7 they are at practice or games or anything and they are so excited that the Women's US team are going for the gold," said soccer mom, Stephanie Betts.

            The game had all eyes and lots of gasps from the girls, but it ended with a group hug and a US gold medal, the only thing better than the medal...


            These girls have been playing since they turned four and they understood how important this game was for the US Women's team after losing to Japan in the World Cup.     

"They need to show the world they can beat Japan and that they are better," said Betts.

This is the third consecutive Olympic gold for the US Woman's soccer team.

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