Lubbock Woman Receives Video of Boyfriend Throwing Her Cat in Street

Lubbock woman, Madison Trevino is asking for the community's help in finding her cat "Marsha" after her ex-boyfriend sent her a video of him throwing the cat into the street near 82nd and Quaker, on Friday August 11. 

She filed a police report with Lubbock Police, and said the video will be used as evidence to show the cat was "unreasonably abandoned." 

"We're just trying to raise awareness so that everyone can be looking out and know she wasn't just accidentally let out, and she doesn't want to be roaming around but this was intentional," Trevino said.

In the video a voice can be heard saying "here she goes, she's not wearing a collar, hope your night was fun." she posted the video to various pet sites, different animal lovers have chimed in to help. 

Emily Lowery saw the video and without even knowing Madison, decided to go on her own search. She said she spotted Marsha on Wednesday night in the neighborhood of 80th and Quaker. 

"It really hit home with me, and I couldn't' stop thinking about it for two days straight. I left the house and was determined to find her,"Lowery said. "I spotted her and then she ran and climbed up a roof," 

Madison's mother, Casey Foy said they will stay in the neighborhood as long as it takes, and they are so thankful for the numerous people who have lent them all kinds of traps, and tools to track Marsha down. 

"I am angry. I am scared for Marsha, but this sweet older couple is letting us basically picnic in their front yard while we look for her," Foy said. 

Madison Trevino said she initially found Marsha on the Marsha Sharp Freeway two years ago when she was just a kitten.

"She could barely even move. It was hot outside so her paws were burned off so we took her to the vet and doctored her feet, got her to health and she's been my best friend ever since," Trevino said.

If you think you have spotted Marsha, you can contact Madison at: #806-577-0955

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