Lyft Ride-Share Adds Lubbock To Their List

Uber Drivers Add Lyft To Their Services

LUBBOCK, TX - Lyft, a ride-share service, recently added Lubbock to their list of cities they operate in and the local ambassador for Lyft in Lubbock anticipates several Uber drivers will start driving for Lyft as well.

“We have roughly about 200 drivers here in Lubbock so I believe majority will also become Lyft drivers. Lyft is a little bit cheaper for the riders so people prefer Lyft a little bit more over Uber. When drivers become aware of that then they switch over to Lyft as well,” Joyce Lippold, a driver for both Lyft and Uber in Lubbock said.

Lippold said even though drivers can work for both Uber and Lyft, they are still competitors. She said from her personal experience driving for both, Lyft has more benefits for drivers.

“The drivers favor Lyft because on the Lyft app you can actually tip the drivers,” Lippold said.

She said the company added their service to Lubbock at an ironic timing with the Garth Brooks Concert and ABC Rodeo this weekend.

“We are going to be very busy, we will have all if not majority 200 drivers out. There is absolutely no excuse here in Lubbock why anybody should be driving under the influence,” Lippold said.

Lyft and Uber will be having designated pick-up and drop off areas for the concert located at 10th and Joliet near the Rocky Johnson Softball Field. They suggest riders use the pedestrian bridge to cross the Marsha Sharp Freeway to access the United Supermarkets Arena. 


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