Man Said Another Driver Shot at Him, Blamed Road Rage in Central Lubbock

Published 07/17 2014 03:43PM

Updated 07/17 2014 05:07PM

LUBBOCK, TX -- A man said he thinks road rage was the reason another driver pulled a gun and fired off a shot at him in central Lubbock Thursday.

The man, named Joseph, said he was in the parking lot at Network Finance near 34th and Avenue Q, when another driver pulled up head-on to his pickup, had people screaming at him, and then fired off a shot.

Joseph said he believes road rage was likely the blame in this incident.  He said after the person fired off the shots at him, the car took off.

"They pulled a gun out, something about, 'shoot him, shoot him," Joseph said. "Me and my girlfriend were out here and they started shooting at us, and sure enough, they just took off."

Neither he nor his girlfriend, who was with him, were injured. At the time, employees at Network Finance told the parking lot was unusually full when this happened.

They also said something like this had never happened there before.

Multiple Lubbock Police officers responded, though they did not tell anything while they were on scene
. Later, police said they are continuing to work on this case.

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