Manager for Plainview Bulldog Football Team Begins 11th Season with the Bulldogs

LUBBOCK, TX - If you have ever seen the Plainview Bulldogs play under the Friday night lights, you know there is a special young man who has been on the sidelines for every game in the past 10 years.

In 2007, Peyton Bradshaw became the manager for the Plainview Bulldog football team. He helps with equipment and a variety of needs for the team, but more than anything, he cheers for the team. Head coach Ryan Rhoades said that Bradshaw is probably the number one fan they have. 

"Our program is designed to help young men, and Peyton is a part of that program," Rhoades said. "He loves our kids and we love him being around and it's a lot of fun." 

Peyton has a heart for the game and loves the bulldogs.

"I just love the atmosphere and I love Friday night football," Bradshaw said.

The Bulldogs love him right back. They said he is the glue that brings the team together. 

"He's very beneficial to the team and just his aspect of how bright he is and he keeps us going and motivates us towards being more encouraging," Quarterback Christian Switzenberg said.

"Through Peyton the team bonds together," Tight End, Frank Chiacchiera said. "He's always there with that high energy and when you're around someone with that energy it makes you want to feel the same way."

Bradshaw hopes the Bulldogs have a great season and make the playoffs. 

The Bulldogs kick off their season on Sept 1 at Bulldog Stadium at 7 p.m. 


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