Mounted Officers Host Monthly Training


The Mounted Patrol Police Officers hold a training each month so that riders and horses can be updated on their skills. Lieutenant Jeanelle Wadkins says this month's training focused on the idea of "horsemanship".

"A lot of it is teaching them when they are caught in a situation to have the riding skill and confidence to not panic not let the situation get worse," said Wadkins.

According to Wadkins, horsemanship focuses on training the officers to be confident riders and to be able to focus on everything going on around them while riding.

"If you are in a situation where the horse may react, then you are not worried thinking "oh my goodness I need to stay on the horse" you can just worry about what is going on," said Wadkins.

But Wadkins says the horses have another important duty to the Lubbock community.

"It gives people a reason to come up and start talking to us. It helps bridge the gap in the community between the officers and the community," said Wadkins.

These mounted officers work at outdoor events like the Fourth of July and other outdoor venues. Wadkins encourages people to come up to them at events.

"Most people love petting the horses and the horses enjoy being pet," said Wadkins.

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