Neighbor Responsible For Saving Caregiver In The Slaton Shooting Tells Her Story

"I just heard somebody yelling 'help me, help me' and so I thought I was crazy for a little bit," Angela Lacy told us.

But Lacy wasn't crazy.

"There was a lady standing there with blood and she had nothing on but a bra," she said.

That lady was the 21-year-old caregiver to 89-year-old Faye Gray.

Gray was shot and killed in her Slaton home Tuesday afternoon. Her caretaker barely managed to escape the shooting by running out of the house, desperate for help.

The caregiver reportedly banged on the doors, screaming 'help me, help me' while running down the block until her cries for help were finally heard at the end of the block by Lacy's ears.

"And this is where she had fell," Lacy said pointing to the ground in her living room. "When they got here, she was laying right here in this area covered in blood. Her whole head. Her whole arms."

She said there was a gash in the back of the woman's head, and that she was convulsing and trying to puke but couldn't. Lacy said responders were there in minutes.

The caretaker was rushed to UMC.

"I wish she didn't have to go through what she went through. I just thank god she is alive," she said.

But now Lacy said that day feels like a nightmare she keeps reliving.

"I keep peeping out of the window to make sure nobody is outside," she said. "This is crazy."

Lacy said she hasn't been able to go back to work since.

According to the murder warrant, authorities obtained potential evidence against Oguntope following a search of his apartment.

Oguntope's bond is currently set at $5.5 million and officials said additional charges are still pending.

We're told the caretaker is in stable condition at the hospital.

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