Neighbors Point Out Suspect in Police Chase

Published 03/13 2014 05:12PM

Updated 03/13 2014 06:14PM

LUBBOCK, TX--- One man is in jail right now after he lead police on a chase, where neighbors pointed him out for police to catch him. 

Sgt. Jason Lewis with Lubbock Police says as long as people remain smart and safe, they really appreciate it when citizens can give them the information they need to catch the bad guy. 

"We were closing the doors we heard a squealling car go past us," says Cindy Miller.
Wednesday afternoon police responded to a theft at the Target on Marsha Sharp Freeway. 
"The officer was actually chasing the vehicle through the parking lot on foot," says Miller.  

She was in that parking lot with her daughter when 27 year old  Enrique Garcia sped off in his vehicle.
Garcia is no stranger to the law with several priors on his record. 
He lead police on a chase from target to the 6100 block of 37th street.
"He bailed out of the vehicle," Sgt Jason Lewis tells us. 
Garcia later took off on foot, but it was neighbors who helped find and point him out to police. 

"Residents had come out and they were pointing so it really was quick that they were able to pick him up... 
If you've seen somebody running absolutely get on the phone call us yell at the officers."

Sgt. Lewis says if you can safely help police-- then help. 
Whether you're in a parking lot or in your neighborhood, the key is being aware of surroundings and the situation. 

"But the other side of that is obviously he had a knife. And you dont want to put yourself in a position where he's going to carjack you or get into your resdience...  
But it goes to show you that you need to pay attention to  things that are going on around you," says Lewis. 

Cindy Miller, who was there when the initial officer tried to catch Garciasays the same thing as Lewis. 
Being aware of what's happening around you. 
She says next time she'll be more prepared with her phone to catch video or take a lisence plate number. 

When you're on the road and police are in pursiut-- obviously get out of the way. Slow down and pull over. 
And even still Sgt. Lewis says-- every situation is different. 
However, the main thing is to get to a safe spot and let police take care of the situation. 

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