New Addition for a Local Entertainment Attraction

LUBBOCK, TX - Ever find yourself looking for something new to do in town?
Well there's one entertainment experience that gives you a fun, team-building challenge. It's a real-life puzzle game says, Ben Posey, owner of Trapped! Escape the Room.
"Basically you get one hour locked in the room, and you have to try to figure out how to escape using the clues and keys and puzzles. Whatever is hidden throughout the room, you have to find it and solve it before time runs out," he says.
Posey decided to open this business back in October, after he participated in the game when he was backpacking through Europe. He claims he is pretty busy throughout the day with reservations every two hours.
"So far we've had a better response than we could have even imagined. People have loved it! We were kind of hesitant at first, because we didn't know if Lubbock would be a big enough market, but it certainly has been."
Posey comes up with all the themed puzzle and room ideas himself. But he gets ideas from things that inspire him. These include "movies or any sort of media that we consume. We try to replicate it, so there's some general themes that we've been thinking about doing."
And his newest room, called the precinct, is just one of those many ideas. It resembles a police station and the entire idea centers around solving a crime scene investigation puzzle.
"There's more of a purpose to this room than we've had previously. You solve the crime and escape before you get blamed for something that you didn't do," says Posey.
The precinct is the third room and puzzle option that Posey is offering. His original room was the laboratory, which has been converted to the precinct room. The play room is the other puzzle option, which is currently the only room open to the public.
"The play room right now has a success rate of about 35%, so most people do not succeed at least in that room, and this new room might be even more difficult than that one. We're still trying to figure that out, but even if you don't succeed, most groups have a good time," Posey says. "You usually get to the end at least, so it's fun whether you succeed or you don't succeed."
Posey hopes to change each room every 6 months in order to offer guests different experiences. Right now, he is in the testing phase for the precinct room, which should officially be open to the public in the next few weeks.
"Right now, we're testing it to make sure it's not too hard and not too easy to where people can get towards the end and maybe get out," Posey says "We've had three groups come through already. We're probably going to have around ten more, and then once those groups are done, we'll basically be ready to open it. It's pretty much already done, but we're just fine tuning it."
Posey says you will need at least two or three people to participate, and no more than eight. It cost's $20 per person, and the play and precinct rooms are technically designed for those 15 years and older. He says in the future, he would like to expand and add more room to include all ages.

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