New Business Comes to Downtown Lubbock

Hoverstate Expected to Create 50 New Jobs

LUBBOCK, TX - On Monday morning, the Lubbock Economic Alliance (LEDA) announced that Los Angeles-based Hoverstate will be coming to downtown Lubbock.

The technology firm has two offices in California and one in Italy. Its Lubbock office will focus on the development of computer software crafted especially for the health care industry and is expected to create 50 new job opportunities with an average salary of $60,000. 

Hoverstate will operate out of the Courthouse Lofts at 800 Broadway. John Osborne, CEO & president of LEDA and Market Lubbock, said it was important to his committee that Lubbock is able to continue to use buildings like this in order to better promote downtown revitalization.

"We are very excited to help companies that are here continue to grow, but also bring new companies in town, to provide our citizens an opportunity to better their lives and better their families," said Osborne. 

"It's a great day to be in Lubbock, Texas! What a great way to start the week," said Mayor Dan Pope. "Jobs mean hope, and jobs mean growth, and jobs mean more investment and we think about the folks who invested in this facility and what's been done here and it's been really exciting." 

Carolyn Rowley, LEDA director of business recruitment and innovation, explained that talks to bring Hoverstate to Lubbock began 10 months ago. 

"They looked at several cities, and ultimately they chose Lubbock because who we have and what we provide," said Rowley. "Not only do we have a good work ethic here and a good work force, but we also have Texas Tech that provides a good pipeline of employees for them."

Robert Fauver, Hoverstate chief strategy officer and managing partner, officially signed the contract for his new office space in the Courthouse Lofts at the ceremony on Monday, sharing his excitement with city leaders as to why they finally decided on Lubbock. 

"We had a really good feel there, obviously culture is an important aspect in the technology space and getting people to enjoy sitting at their desk and banging out code, it's important," said Fauver. "We got a great feel here in Lubbock with the people and just the community in general." 

Hoverstate's Lubbock offices are expected to open November 2017.

Osborne also shared that this announcement is just one of several to be made this week, with a new business expected to be introduced each morning at 10:30 a.m. in different locations throughout downtown Lubbock. 

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