New Law Puts Harsher Sentencing On Texas Animal Abusers

Animal Abuse Offenders Could Face Up To 10 Years In Prison

LUBBOCK, TX - Starting in September, Texas residents could face up to 10 years in jail for abuse towards an animal. Senate Bill 762 was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott turning a Class A misdemeanor into a 3rd-degree felony.


“Everyday it's a different abuse case and a different extent. So it happens a lot more than I knew it did before I started working the SPCA,” Madison Luscombe, a Board Member of the Lubbock SPCA said.


The law states poisoning, torturing, killing or seriously injuring an animal cases will be prosecuted and abusers could potentially face anywhere between 2 to 10 years in jail. It also states second time offenders could face up to 20 years in jail.


“This law could be really beneficial as long as it's adequately enforced. Our animal investigative services here are not as good as we need them to be. Lubbock has a really high rate of abandoned and abused dogs, so I think it could be a really positive thing, especially with all the abuse that we see,” Luscombe said.


The Animal Medical Center of Lubbock said they receive and treat animals who have clearly been abused often.


“I am very pleased, once again it's time people shouldn't be able to get away with cruelty to animals,” Dr. Timothy Polk, a vet at Animal Medical Center said.


If you suspect animal abuse you’re encouraged to contact Lubbock Police or Animal Services.

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