New Technology Makes Changes Farming On The South Plains

GPS systems help navigate the fields

LUBBOCK, TX - Farmers across the the South Plains are taking their traditional farming equipment to the next level. Installing items like Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and computers into the machines to help maneuver the equipment easier. 

"It just makes you more precise on everything you do. I grew up having to hand steer all the tractors cultivating cotton and you'd have a mirror to look on the back," Steven Brosch, a multi-crop farmer said.

Brosch said his family started using this equipment back in 2005 and for awhile they were one of the only farms in town to use it. But he said now farmers all over the United States use it.

"We were looking for ways to reduce operate fatigue. It seems silly but sitting on a seat and steering the wheel by the end of the day your worn out," Brosch said.

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