No Complaints to Remove Confederate Memorial in Downtown Lubbock, Said Mayor's Office

LUBBOCK, TX - Protests of confederate statues have erupted across the country after the unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia. For Lubbock's own confederate memorial that sits in front of the Lubbock County Court House, the Mayor's office said there have been no complaints asking for it's removal. 

The memorial sits at the front of the Lubbock County Court House steps and honors Texas soldiers who fought during the Civil War. It's also dedicated to Colonel Thomas Lubbock, who Lubbock County was named after. 

While Everything Lubbock was at the memorial, most people walked by without taking a second glance at the memorial. And the people we caught up with said the monument is okay to stay. 

"No, to be honest with you, I never really paid attention to it," said Jeremy Bell. 

"It's never bothered me at all," said Arturo Rodriguez. "I have nothing against it."

But all over the country, protesters are fighting to take down confederate monuments after the deadly protests in Virginia. 

"Like I said, this is two thousand miles away from me so it does not bother me," said Rodriguez. "As long as everything stays away from Lubbock, everything will be okay."

The Mayor in Dallas called for a task force to review all the confederate statues in Dallas after protests on the East coast. 

"It's unfortunate that it's happening but as long as people get along here, I think it will be fine," said Bell. 

When Everything Lubbock called the Mayor's office, they said they have not received complaints or questions regarding the monument. 


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