Oakwood United Methodist Church Vandalized Twice In a Week

LUBBOCK, TX - The Oakwood United Methodist Church on 58th street was vandalized on Tuesday night and then again on Thursday night, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Door windows were broken, Sunday school classrooms ripped to shreds, holes poked in the hallway walls, and paint spattered everywhere. 

Earl Frisbie with The church board of trustees said on Tuesday night their security footage shows a group of young boys playing basketball, but then the camera wires were clipped. 

"These kids are out of control," Frisbie said. "I don't understand why they had to hit us a second time, once is enough," 

Rita Debord lives across the street from the church and said she saw the group of boys before they entered the activity center. 

"They were from nine to ten years old to thirteen and they were over in the parking lot fooling around and I didn't think of it, but then later in the night I heard a thud," Debord said. 

On Tuesday night she said she heard a similar sound.

"I heard the same thud and I didn't think anything about it because there's a lot of people coming in and around here so I guess that was them twice," Debord said. 

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