Old Federal Courthouse Restored into New Downtown Lofts

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock's previous Post Office and Federal Building downtown has been restored to function as a new apartment building, called Courthouse Lofts. 

"There's original floors that have been here since the building was built," Property Manager Justin Backus said. "We maintained a lot of this brick surround and other stuff to really bring out the original aspects."

The old courthouse was originally built in 1932. It has been vacant for about 20 years when it moved to a new location across the street. A Tulsa businessman bought the property about two years ago which includes the old courthouse and vacant jail that used to house the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office. 

"The ownership team, they specialize in revitalizing downtown areas," Backus said. "They're from Tulsa, Oklahoma and they've done a lot of work there. They're really excited about all the new things going on downtown."

The new space includes the former courtroom, postal sorting space, and offices which make up 23 units with different layouts for each.

The building is recognized as a historical landmark, therefore, the National Historical Society and the National Parks Services needed to approve any changes to the building. 

"They've got to approve all the drawings, the plans," Backus said. "They kind of tell us what we can and cannot change so we make sure to stay within those original guidelines so we don't disturb or change anything to the building so it maintains it's historical accuracy."

The building includes original hardwood floors, doors, windows, artwork, and building signs. They have incorporated new technology and appliances that is specific to each unit. 

"Really making sure they got it right and making sure they put together something that they can be proud of because it takes a lot of care to do a project like this," Backus said. 

The first open house showing will be Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. at 800 Broadway Street. 

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