One Person Injured After Hundreds of Bees Attack in North Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock Fire Rescue was called before 1:00 pm to an area near Clovis Road and Temple Avenue for the report of a bee attack.

LFR Division Chief Steve Holland said one person was injured.  A photojournalist at the scene saw LFR spraying down what appeared to be a bee’s nest.  The city is working to get an exterminator to finish getting rid of the bees.

The severity of injury was not yet disclosed.  LFR said an update would be provided when possible.

Witness describe the scene as something out of a horror movie. 

"Hundred and hundred of bees," recalled Aaron Sims who works for Lubbock Park and Wildlife. "As we got closer, the individual was trying to plug his ears to keep the bees from going inside his ears, his mouth, his eyes, everywhere. He was definitely in bad shape."

LFR was also getting sting by multiple bees and had to leave the scene after the man was in the ambulance. 

"The fire department did an excellent job. As soon as they got out of the truck, they were getting stung while they were putting on their protective gear," said Sims

Local beekeeping experts said although this kind of attack is uncommon, it can happen if you're near an aggressive or irritate beehive. 

"When a bee is harmed, it releases an attack pheromone," said expert beekeeper, Jack Scott. "Once that scent gets out to the rest of the hive, then we have major unhappy hour and you're going to get stung."

Scott said the best way to stay clear of a bee sting or attack is to stay clear out of the way. He says although swatting might be your first instinct, that's the worst thing you can do. 

"If you've already stirred them up, the best thing to do is to stay inside a car or pickup, anything with glass. Get in a house," said Scott. 

If you have a beehive where you live, you can call a beekeeper to safely remove the hive without hurting you or the bees. 


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