Owners of Estrella's Mexican Restaurant Looking For New Location, Following Crash

LUBBOCK, TX - Two people are behind bars after crashing their car into Estella's Mexican Restaurant  on 50th street. 26-year old Alfonso Jackson and 26-year-old Eldon Gatewood  facing a number of charges including theft of a firearm and evading arrest.

The Sanchez family opened the restaurant seven years back, Patricia Sanchez has been cooking for people her whole life. They had to close down the restaurant because of all the damage from the crash. 

"It makes me sad, I love this place and my entire family works with me," Sanchez said.

Alexandra Sanchez said she loves working with her mother and their restaurant is a place that brings families together. She said they have recently been thinking about moving locations and after this damage they think it's a perfect time. 

"As a small business it's already difficult enough to begin with so having this on top of everything there's a lot of damage and it will take a while to fix it up and a lot of money so it's probably best to start looking for a new location," Sanchez said. 

They said their going to keep everyone updated on their Facebook page about their new location. 


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