Parents Struggle To Pay To Keep Guardianship Of Daughter With Autism

The cost to request guardianship is expensive for low income families

LUBBOCK, TX - A local family is struggling to keep guardianship of their soon to be 18 year old daughter, with severe Autism. 
Amanda Gonzalez turns 18 years old December 30, 2017 and her father Rudi Gonzales and mother Laura Diaz are doing everything they can to try and afford to take legal action to continue to be her guardians. 
"This is basically something all parents with children with disabilities need to do when their child turns 18," Laura Diaz, said. 
"It all comes down to having guardianship so we can be her voice and being her voice and making sure she gets what she's required for the rest of her life," Rudi Gonzales, said. 
The family said they're worried for Amanda's health and care if they were no longer her guardians. Since she was born her parents said they know how to handle not only her Autism, but her Retts and Tauretts Syndromes. 
"Everything is geared and revolves around Amanda, she is the sun in the house," Gonzales said.  
If you're looking to help the family has started a GoFundMe page here.



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